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Medic and Engineer inf weapons are too powerful  XML
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How should the Medic and Engineer weapons be reduced?
Reduce damage against monsters by 33%, remove berzerk from affecting these weapons. 41% [ 7 ]
Reduce damage against monsters by 50%, give option to purchase resupply lvl 1 24% [ 4 ]
Reduce damage against monsters by 66%, give option to buy resupply lvl 2 6% [ 1 ]
Change healing/engineer weapon to be a special link like gun that does no enemy damage. 12% [ 2 ]
Infinite weapons should be self resupplying instead of truly infinite. 18% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 17
Author Message

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 02/10/2008 20:00:40
Messages: 526
Location: Hood River, OR

Nerf medic weps. Let medics take advantage of globe and sphere.

Nerf engineer gun to normal link power, but give boost for linking equipment.

Shield healing is grossly unbalanced. An engineer can fully heal a players shields in under a second. This eliminates the purpose of medics in a way.


Joined: 10/08/2009 09:10:26
Messages: 131

Well, Ive seen that you want to nerf the Link gun Primary Fire, What will really hurt the Engineers will be in Wave 6 and 14 Titan wave couse Our sentinels,Vehicles,Turrets get destroyed just with one rock in a few seconds after the wave starts, and to spawn another one again will take a while because of cooldown, So with our link gun getting really nerfed, we only have to hide and let the other classes get the super bonus? Well im not agree with that, The only thing that will help is if you will nerf link gun, give us to the Link gun alt fire more range on the beam like 3 or 4 times the actual size? Or give us resupply? In wave 15 and 16 we have problems too with our vehicles and turrets couse there are lot of monsters around like queens , titans or warlords they hit so hard that in 5 secs we get our stuff destroyed, so getting our link gun nerfed I wonder how ill get exp, maybe giving blocks exp when they hit by monsters? or increase the experience on the defense sentinels when they hit enemy fire?
Or give more Health to turrets,vehicles and sents??


Joined: 11/05/2008 22:52:53
Messages: 361

You do not understand what happened to the engineer link. The primary rate of fire is lower, but each projectile does more damage and they travel faster, improving accuracy. All in all balancing things out and reducing server load (the primary reason for the change.) I feel much more comfortable using primary fire now. Link secondary is a bit less powerful, but it doesn't seem terribly off to me.

The other issues really don't have anything to do with the change. Yes, it has always been a pain to set up a base again after dying during later waves, but that's just a characteristic of the class. In fact, the semi-recent addition of the rapid build skill has made the issue much less painful.

You're also less likely to die if you're smart about constructing your base, for example, placing a defense sentinel where it will effectively block titan rocks from destroying your turret or vehicle.

The new DC server:

Joined: 11/18/2009 20:42:55
Messages: 10

Well, I don't know how to vote in the poll but I vote for this: "Reduce damage against monsters by 50%, give option to purchase resupply lvl 1".

Joined: 11/18/2009 20:42:55
Messages: 10

Actually, I want to change my vote to something like making the medic weapon a healing blue bio gun that the goop instantly explodes on impact with anything and does no damage to monsters, and give some resupply, that would be awesome.


Joined: 03/25/2011 15:11:35
Messages: 2
Location: Des Moines, IA

TheDruidXpawX wrote:
My concern is that right now, the medic is just a superior version of the weapons master.

I'd have to disagree with you that the medic is a superior WM. I am a medic myself and I find it hard to survive with my Inf Medic Flak. I am usually not at the top of the xp charts either, so please provide some evidence that Medics have extreme xp advantage over others. Although Cribbage has a few points, I don't think any of your preliminary changes will hurt the medic that bad. Besides, I've played with Cribbage, and he makes most of his xp through healing. If you allowed resupply to be reinstated for inf, as long as it can keep up with the fire rate of our medic weps, I will gladly accept that, but I guess all of us will have to wait a few levels for our medic weapons to actually be useful because we won't be able to buy resupply straight off.

~~SH4NKS7A~~ Med
~~5hanksta~~ Eng
~~Adrenaline_Junky~~ AM
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