Disastrous Consequences
DruidsAntiCamper v1.02 This mutator prevents players from camping special objects and going out of bounds.
DruidsPlayerAgreement v1.10 This server actor watches for new players to join your server and requires them to agree to your rules before they begin playing.
DruidsRPG v2.00 DruidsRPG is an add on to Mysterial's UT2004RPG v2.2. I generally change this file every month or so, so if I was you, I'd check back often.
DruidsRPG v1.73 This is the older version that works with UT2004RPG 2.1
DruidsRPG v1.17 This is the older version that works with UT2004RPG 1.2
DruidsMutator This mutator allows you to control all the mutators and server packages for each game type you run.
UT2003 Style UT2003 Invasion gametype and a recompile of the UT2003 Translocator with tweaks for invasion gametypes
Telefrag Explode Causes telefrags to create gibs in netgames like local matches.
DruidsInvasionSpree v1.03 This mutator adds the various kill messages into Invasion game types and grants awards for those messages.
DruidsMonsterMover v1.02 This mutator keeps an eye on your invasion monsters, and if they aren't close enough to a player, it will carefully move them closer.

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