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RPG Frequently Asked Questions

RPG and Skill Points
What is RPG?

UT2004 RPG is a mutator for Unreal Tournament 2004. It was created by Mysterial. It adds RPG (Role Playing Game) elements to the game we all love, such as the ability to gain levels, finding special weapons and artifacts.

This server runs both the basic RPG mutator and Druid's addition to the RPG mutator, or Druid's RPG, which can be found on our Downloads page.

I'm new to this RPG stuff. How do I get points and spend them?

There are a variety of ways to earn experience points: kill monsters, heal teammates, earn experience bonuses, and win the game (for example, if you win an Invasion game, everyone receives 80 exp).
To spend the experience points you earn, type "L" while in the game. This will open up the levelling information screen. Simply click on the skill or attribute you would like to buy. Some skills have prerequisites, so make sure to click on the "Info" button to learn about the skill before trying to buy it.

What should I buy first?

The more you play RPG, the more you will figure out what skills are most useful to your own playstyle. However, for brand new RPG players, it is useful to start off with extra health bonus and regeneration.
Once you get the hang of how things work, check out the Player Stats page so you can see what skills higher level players have purchased. Just click on the player's name and it will display her or his stats.

Ack! I accidentally bought the wrong skill! What do I do?

You have two options. You can either try out the skill that you purchased, or email the admins and ask them to reset your character (see "What is a character reset" below).

What is a character reset? Can I change the skills I've purchased?

If you are not happy with the skills that you have purchased, you have several options. You can change your character's name and start a new character, you can hit the "Reset" button on the info screen (WARNING: the reset button will delete all your stats. Do NOT hit the reset button unless you want to wipe out your character completely), or you can email the admins at administrators(at)disastrousconsequences.com. (You must insert an @ to replace the "(at)".)

If you choose to email the admins, there are some things you should know:
1) Requesting a reset will allow you to keep your current character level but get rid of all of your stats (so you can choose them again).
2) You cannot get a class reset. Once you choose a class (Adrenaline Master, Weapons Master, etc.) that character is stuck with that class unless you want to lose your level as well.
3) You cannot get a partial reset of skills. For example, the admins will not simply delete one skill that you purchased by accident. This is time-consuming, so all of your stats will go back to zero.
4) Make sure to include the username of the character you would like reset.
5) Please use this option sparingly. Abuse of this option may result in you being denied future requests.
6) As of June 27, 2006, we are no longer processing any resets, name changes, or other functions for individuals with high ASCI characters in their names. If you fall under that category, you will either have to create a new character or click on the "Reset" button in game (which will delete all of your experience and reduce your character back to level 1).

I emailed the admins 2 days (2 minutes, insert your own time frame here) ago, and they never wrote back! What's up with that?

Although it is some of the admins' dream to one day get paid to play Unreal and just for being cool individuals in general, this day has not yet come. Therefore, the admins have "real" jobs and lives outside of Unreal. This means that you may not receive a reply to your email for up to a month. And no, emailing the admins multiple times will not make them get around to your request faster. In their haste to delete your multiple emails, they might accidentally delete the last one you sent, and no one will ever know that you had made a request.
Resetting stats and other such things also requires that the server is down in order to save the new stats. Therefore, the admins try not to do this very often so that people can spend more time playing the game and less time waiting for the server to come back up.

How do I become a medic/monster master?

First, you must buy the Monster/Medic Master class skill. You can only put one point in this skill. Then, if you want to be a healer, buy the Loaded Medic skill (you can learn more about any skill in-game by selecting in and then clicking "Info"). Once you have that skill, switch to the weapon you would like to make your Medic Weapon, make sure your Medic Weapon Maker artifact is selected, and then click "u." You can now begin healing people.
Other useful skill/s to buy as a Medic: Experienced Healing. Some medics also like extra points in health bonus, damage bonus, damage reduction, and one level of Adrenal Drip (so you can get enough adrenaline to make your Medic Weapon).
If you want to focus on summoning monsters, you must buy both Loaded Monsters and Monster Points. Loaded Monsters teaches you new monsters to summon, and Monster Points are what you use to "pay" to summon monsters. You also need adrenaline to summon monsters. For each level of Loaded Monsters you purchase, you will receive one or more "artifacts," each of which represent a specific monster. Each artifact will state what monster it represents, how many monster points you need to summon it, and how much adrenaline you need to summon it.
Other useful skill/s to buy as a Monster Master: Monster Skill: Health Bonus, Monster Skill: Intelligence.

How do I become an adrenaline/artifact master?

First, you must buy the Adrenaline Master class skill. You can only put one point in this skill. Then, the next most useful skill is Loaded Artifacts. Read the info on that skill.
Other useful skill/s to buy as an Adrenaline Master: Adrenal Drip, Energy Leech, Adrenal Surge, Denial, Resupply.

How do I become a weapons master?

First, you must buy the Weapon Master class skill. You can only put one point in this skill. Then, the next most useful skill is Loaded Weapons. Read the info on that skill.
Other useful skill/s to buy as a Weapon Master: extra damage bonus, Resupply, Vampirism and/or Regeneration.

Monsters and Summoning
There's these monsters that I keep shooting at and they won't die! Make it stop!

If you see a monster in game with a red halo on its head (or somewhere near it; sometimes the halos like to float around) that you cannot damage (it doesn't bleed when you shoot it), then it is someone's pet.

Pets are cool! How do I get one?

There are two ways to get your own pets:
1) With a Summoning Charm (see the Artifacts page)
2) With the Loaded Monster skill (see the RPG Skill Description page.

My pet just stands there! How do I tell it to do something?

Well, you don't. Pets have minds of their own, and sometimes they like to be useful and protect you, and sometimes they like to stand on an elevator as it goes up and down, and up and down. If you have the Loaded Monster skill, you can purchase more intelligence and health bonus for your pets, and then just hope for the best.

Joining DC
You people are cool! How do I join your clan?

Thanks! :) DC (Disastrous Consequences) isn't exactly a clan. The DC tags are given as ways to recognize people who contribute to the server. If you would like to contribute, check out the Donations page.

How do I get a(n) ______ weapon (e.g. vorpal, energy, etc.)?

Your initial pickup is random. You have a 33% chance of picking up a magical weapon of any type (cursed, common, or otherwise). If you get a one-drop weapon (one with a * in the name) and toss it, you will again have a 33% chance of picking up a magical weapon.
If you pick up a common weapon (one that does not have a * in the title) when you run over the weapon pick-up again you will receive the same weapon. See also General Weapon Information.

What does a(n) _____ (null entropy, vorpal, etc.) weapon do? What's the highest number modifier you can get on it?
Check out the RPG Weapons page.

How do I throw a weapon?
The default key to throw a weapon is \. NOTE: you cannot throw negative or otherwise cursed weapons.See also General Weapon Information.

I picked up an artifact. What do I do with it?

The default key to use an artifact is U. If you have enough adrenaline (see the Artifacts page for adrenaline requirements), you can simply press "u" to use the artifact.

How do I drop an artifact or scroll through my artifacts?

To drop an artifact, in the console (hit the ~ key to open your console) type tossartifact. You can also assign a key to this command in your keybindings (see the forums for more information). The default key to scroll through your artifacts is [ or ].

I have another question that's not answered here. Where do I go?

The best place is to check out the Forums page, especially BotFodder's Unofficial FAQ. Chances are, someone has answered your question there already, but if not you can post it in the appropriate section of the forum.

Happy gaming!

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