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03/02/2006 What to do with the release of Unreal Tournament III (UT2007) coming?  XML
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Killing Spree

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Well, I mentioned in a previous post that I would be unable to run UT2007, but its looking like I will after all. I'll be getting a new iMac when the next upgrade/version is released, hopefully in the next month or two. Then I will be able to run UT2007, so I'm up for the switch to 2007 if it happens, and if it doesn't I'll be happy to bump all my current settings up and run UT2004 on my new machine as well. I'll continue to use DC as my only UT server. :-)

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Joined: 07/08/2005 16:46:56
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I would like to see DC start a ut3 server, even if its something other than invasion until invasion is setup.

Ive had ut3 reserved for over a year now, so ill have it the first day for sure. I'm going to give it a go and see how well it plays on my comp. Planning on an SLI motherboard upgrade and a couple overclocked 7800's, before release date, but not before i start contributing(gotta get a paypal setup first).

I am also wanting to get in to unreal script and have a little hobby experience with java. if anyone here is willing to help me out, it would be appreciated.

Thank you for the great server and the community it has created dru.


Joined: 05/03/2005 06:05:57
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I had completely forgotten about UT2k7 until I saw this thread had a new post. I'd have to see if my computer could run it, cause I'm not sure. If I can, then maybe lol, but we'll have to see

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Joined: 01/26/2005 07:46:44
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Mystic wrote:
The way i see it.. i Dont play UT,, i play DC,, with that said where ever you are i will be behind you.

And even thoe they left out invasion ,im sure it'll be compatible with 2007.
Simply cause invasion is too popular ..reading the developers news articles n such ..i get the feeling this game is all about customizing. and hard core shooting.. people have models already made for 2007..and monster packs..
with that said .you brilliant people will come up with something snazzy ..you always do ..

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yep, I've got 3d studio max (demo). I need to start working on my 10k poly neo

Also, I'd love to take a shot at making/skinning some monsters for an 07 invasion style game.

Once they release UT3, I'll wait a bit and then make a new box. I have my cube case sitting in the corner waiting for new hardware

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Wicked Sick!
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Just a heads up, you can now register for a UT3 updates newsletter on their site. Heres the link:



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