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Summoned monsters mostly useless  XML
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Killing Spree

Joined: 02/11/2012 05:11:44
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It seems that our monster master became medic master.. only..

Summoned monsters are underpowered, it feels like wasting adren.
example situation:
3 bots are dead because they are stupid on surviving -> I use 40 adren to summon mercenary -> he die after a second (or less) because three metal skaarjs and two kralls atack him and kill him before he even move.. (i have 50ws, 50db, 20dr, monster inteligence lvl7[max])
That is little extreme but I saw my mercenary to not even dodge slow gasbag's fire projectile. I also saw him to stare at me while other monster were atacking me. (again with maxed monster inteligence, I start to think that the "inteligence" word in skill's name is there by mistake)

Any summoning is helpfull only on first three waves.. even so I get much more kills from direct fight than from my summons. eg: 80kills me and 15mercenary. (I cant afford better monster at this time) so instead being Summoner as I intended I became Mindless Healing Rocket Spammer (Or a Crazy Monkey with Healing Flak Cannon) It gets really boring fast and I am only level 34 by this time.

The imagination of spamming rockets and flak shells for another 10levels (till i max my db and dr) and then for another 20levels(to get some usable monsters) is terrifing...

So any thoughts? What would you advice me to do/buy as Medic/Monster master?

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Killing Spree

Joined: 03/07/2008 11:38:57
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It's best to max out experienced healing before you mess with monsters.

Even with intelligence maxed out, monsters are always dumber than any sentinal an eng can make. They will walk off space platforms, get stuck in wading pools, get stuck behind eng blocks, feed red flies, etc. And, as you discovered, they waste tons of adren. All the while you will be wasting your time trying to heal them (for no xp) when you should be healing your teammates.

Some people like the warlord or titan, but I think three skaarjs are better than either of those. A long time ago (before subclasses) I used to have pretty good luck with 3 brutes, but I think things have changed since then. The monsters seem weaker both offensively and defensively, and somehow stupider, if that's possible. And if I'm the last one alive, they are totally useless. I almost always play my extreme medic because even extreme monsters are so useless now.

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Joined: 11/05/2010 16:07:35
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Sokoro wrote:

The imagination of spamming rockets and flak shells for another 10levels (till i max my db and dr) and then for another 20levels(to get some usable monsters) is terrifing... 

You don't need monsters to score decently as a low-level medic. If you're looking to be a combat-oriented character, then you should focus on your own abilities first - DB, DR, Drip, and ADB, in particular - and leave the monsters for later. If you can hold your own solo (which is much easier to do as a medic than as, say, a low-level AM or WM), you'll be a much more effective fighter in the long run.

Two examples of medics who focused more on their individual abilities and ended up being high-scoring players are Nutrition and Dragon7350. Nutrition made some very impressive scores as a low-level, and started using pets around level 60 after maxing his combat-relevant stats, and he was kicking major tail up until he stopped playing at DC. Dragon, as far as I know, went about a hundred levels before even touching pets, and he was always near the top of the scoreboard regardless. If anyone is an example of the power of a pet-less medic, it's him.

That's not to say you can't score well unless you focus on stats (cough, Bolt_Crank, cough), but there are other ways to play the class if you don't find monsters particularly rewarding. You can do pretty well in the low- to mid-level range just by tanking mobs.


Joined: 10/21/2007 13:24:50
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I didnt get my first pupae until I was level 105 or so. And since I focused on myself first, I had mostly everything I needed at that level. Once I got my 3 brutes around level 170, I focused on retaliation, until I got it to level 8 at around level 210 or so. And then I maxed my adrenaline from 175 to 250. From there you can do what you want... but that was my game-plan .

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Wicked Sick!

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Joined: 06/29/2010 22:35:04
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My medic is up in the 170s or so and is still my best class to play. I suggest you read the form titled "so you want to a monster master" or something to that effect. I didn't touch pets till after lvl 60 because they cost so many points to get anything useful. Learn to be a good medic first, its cheaper and you can level faster.
My advice get adren drip 1 so you can always make a med wep, max wep speed and damage then get 4-6 levels of XP healing. That way you can earn as much xp healing as you do killing. MAX advanced damage reduction ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! (lvl 40 for first, 41 second exc.) This skill is a HUGE increase to survivability for you and pets.
On the pet side, intelligence is a must. Some pet types are smarter than others and only a few can dodge. Brutes are ok but slow but skaarj are the best and cheep on monster points and super cheep on adren. Once you unlock the skaarj at loaded monsters 7, focus on boosting monster points to 10 then 15 so you can have 2 and 3 skaarj respectfully. Somewhere in here you may want to get ghost lvl 1 and adren drip 2/3.

I have posted a list of what pets you earn at each level in the forum mentioned above. The pets I find most useful are skaarj, giant flies, snipers and lava skaarj. It is good to know that snipers and flies work better in packs. Also is is very important to understand that pets will slack off if you do, especially with low intelligence score. So if you are hiding in a base not shooting then your pet will tend to be more passive. On the flip side if you are in the heart of battle your pets will be too.

Killing Spree

Joined: 02/11/2012 05:11:44
Messages: 41
Location: Czech Republic

Thank you for your tips everybody! that monster table Bait made is what I always wanted to see.

I will be buying advanced damage reduction while using rest of points (ie 2 per level) to eventualy buy loaded monsters 7 (to get the skaarj, first effective monster), then Iwill focus on experienced healing, medic awareness, loaded healing only..

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