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Wicked Sick!

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Boondock Saints was excellent. So was SuperTroopers. Not a fan of Memento or American Psycho but the rest of the list is good. War of the Worlds was excellent until the end. It ends abruptly and without explanation til the last sentence of the movie. Almost unforgiveable but the rest of the movie was very well done. Fantastic Four was good and the new Batman was surprisingly good. Lots of chameos. Any movie with Gary Oldman gets an A+ from me.

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Wicked Sick!

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Yeah, Fantastic Four was a lot better than I thought it would be. I wouldn't have even gone to see it but my friend bought tickets for opening night. I'm actually glad I saw it. there were some pretty funny parts in it, but it was serious too. I'd applaud it. =D>

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Wow lotta replies haha. Yeah boondock saints and super troopers were really good. American psycho is a really hard movie to swallow, but something about it really intrigues me. Christian Bale (New batman, Equilibrium, The Machinist) is a very very good and very very dedicated actor. After he did American Psycho and Equilibrium (in that horrid dragon movie ring of fire as well I think), he did The Machinist.

For the Machinist, he had to lose a large amount of weight (In American Psycho he was BUILT, I mean RIPPED). To do this he had nothing but one apple and one latte a day for several months, getting down to a sickening 100 lbs. He looks like a completely different person in this movie, its really freaky after having seen American Psycho so very many times.

The Machinist itself is a pretty dang good movie, very dark and messes with your head.

The really amazing thing is- Just 5 months after shooting the machinist at around only ONE HUNDER pounds... he shot Batman Begins. I don't know how he can do something like that, its just amazing.

Its really weird for me to hear him talk off of the set, as he has a very thick british accent.

I could go on and on about american Psycho, but I would never stop typing =P. I definately don't recommend it for everyone, escecially those easily offended. Very dark. Very very dark. . . I love it =)

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