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Where does your name come from?  XML
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I'm only 19, but geez, a lot of your kids, and possibly kids kids are older than me lol.

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InsaneManiac wrote:
I'm only 19, but geez, a lot of your kids, and possibly kids kids are older than me lol.  

<-- 21 in 3 months

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Well I've put it off for a while but here it is. the name of my character came from the random name generator for Neverwinter Nights. Exciting, right?

Normally I would use "draste" as my nick but for some reason I kept getting told to change my name after I had played on the server for a couple weeks.
At first I had thought that it was a word I had made up. However I was bored and just messing around on the web one day and decided to run it through a translator. I found out that "draste" is Greek for "act". So much for having original ideas.


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This is Mrs_D: my husband & sons encouraged me to start playing instead of just watching them. Well, there's no way I wanted my online persona to have 'Old' anywhere in the name, and I didn't want to reach back to my old D&D character names, so 'Mrs_D' was a good compromise!


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Mainly mine comes from the man Buckethead.

Just a Wiki artical on him he is verry intresting to me


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mines is from.....my name ...+ halo...+ boredom...

halo ..being the first 1st person shooter game i played...as in..played not watched..(saw my older brother play wolfinstein b4..but eh that was yrsssss ago..and i didnt play...i was.....5?..6?....i dunno....small..)..

and i got the pirated PC game of halo..(eh wat can i say o.0..)....so i was sitting there thinking up profile name.....and my name being Jason someone at my dads work in passing called me Jason X a couple times..(seeing that movie was already out and out of theaters ) ..so i decided to use that ....and typedin ..--Jason_X--...and for all my first person shooters i put that ..with variation

so yeah....thou it is the only...unoriginal username i have for anything..as for all other accounts of forums and wat not (this excluded)..i have a unique username...with a unique password ..not at all related to my name...

so yeah.....thats that ....now if only my computer liked me.....

ps....<---17 i am since mar...(just legal for UT ...)

ps ps i love halo..^-^...

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mine dates back from my first lan party experience playing doom,descent,and something else
tried having cool/mean names but I just kept getting killed over and over again. so at this point I yelled out "watch out for the roadkill I'll mess up your shoes" and changed my name and it has stuck ever since. it was v2.0 for ut2003 as a joke and now is v3.4 for my current age and fav. goalie (Miikka Kiprusoff)

and BucketHead love the name the guitarist is insanely talented

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*Casts Resurrection spell on thread*
In my defense, I've had three people ask me where my name(s) come(s) from, thus the ensuing babbling is 100% justified.

When I first started playing UT2k4 online, my name was Beelzebub because that was the only thing I could think of. The first RPG server I went to was called Dorian's Basement Invasion, and since I am a bass guitarist and composer, I had a total geek moment and recognized Dorian as being the second mode of the major scale in Western music theory. So I decided to don the name of the seventh mode, Locrian, since it's my favorite (even wrote a sax/bass/drums composition keyed in A Locrian) and proceeded to geek out over music for the next five hours with the owner. When I came to DC, it was natural to pick names from the seven major modes for my other characters - Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, and Aeolian.

The odd one out is Superlocrian, the kind-of-but-not-really double entendre. While it may at first seem obvious - referring to the AM's "super powers" like fireball-shooting nostrils - it's actually derived from another musical scale, the Super Locrian or altered dominant scale, which is the seventh mode of the ascending melodic minor scale most commonly used in jazz theory and improvisation. I'll stop here in case anyone is dozing off already.


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Actually Loc I find that interesting.

I thought I had posted in this thread but I guess not ... this is boring ... my last name is pronounced ... wait for it ... hi-rath (not spelled that way) and I live in the desert so:
Highwrath my first character (junky that I almost never play)
Desert_Wrath wm

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Desert_Wrath: de-zert_rath
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Wrath:strong vengeful anger or indignation

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HighwratH wrote:
Highwrath [i]my first character (junky that I almost never play) 

Snicker (more like chicken), hehe

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just read through this thread thinking I would find self in here.....NOT!!! Well my name comes from being a lil sly in mIrc and getting by with a name. dom is short for hold onto your hats! Dirty Old Man! and the 60 is the yr I was found under a rock. its that complicated on my name hehe. I would love to find a skin of the old begger dude Jethro Tull has on their album cover Aqualung....it just kinda goes with my twisted perverted sense of humor, I used to get into lots of trouble with phrases, someone can say something and out of my mouth would pop something equally innocent and plain but would twist and pervert what was said before hand....got alot of face slaps and dates as a young'n.

Now as to the old punch card system for programing computers! LOL I had a math class I HS called computer math, it was learning how to write programs in basic! and we had 1 of them card machine in the class we had to learn how to make the cards and load them, everyone hated them.....freaked the teacher out when I turned my work in one day with a stack of those cards! Had a turn in dead line of that day and no terminal access and there lay the cards! just over 100 of them things I made!...teach made me load them and prove that I knew what I was doing lol and it worked duh! and since I'm from SoCal some might know the reference to OCC its a local comm collage it had the best comp courses in the country at the time. we got acct. there and would go do our class work on their main frame and test and print it up for class. and we would liberate paper to supply the class with saince the school budget did not supply enough, about 6 of us supplied enough for 8 classes and that was 6 IBM terminals. well I maybe a geek of sorts I am a well rounded knowledge person of many talents and old school training " if I don't know how to do it , tell me show me, or give me a book/ instructions and I'll get it done!"..... well thats enough history lesson for today the next class will be on the black plague see you next time !

I may be getting old and falling apart but I can sure can raise Hell and have fun doing it!
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