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Very Large Onslaught Maps Make For Boring RPG Ivasion-Discuss...  XML
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Joined: 04/22/2005 17:17:21
Messages: 17

I was wondering if any of the other players out there find huge ONS maps like Aeterna a little bit boring...
It seems that the larger the map, the longer the waves, and the fun factor just disappears. My experience has been that it takes forever to find that last little bug and nothing's more frustrating than flying around a huge map looking for something that's going to get you 1 point.
Perhaps we could come to a consensus on which maps are just too big and should be removed?
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Joined: 05/03/2005 06:05:57
Messages: 259

I concur. You are right.

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Joined: 05/27/2005 18:59:12
Messages: 59
Location: Cleveland, Tennessee

I also have to agree. Some of the maps like Torlan are okay, but some are just too big. If we could leave some of the smaller ONS maps but get rid of the massive ones I think it would be slightly better.

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Joined: 02/10/2005 11:56:09
Messages: 53

I AGREE. I usually quit and check out the forums for a bit until the large ONS maps are done. The last large one I played took close to an hour to finish.

But I love the smaller ones like Torlan and Primeval they are quite fast paced and are entertaining.

Im sorry to say that I dont have the patience to keep lookin for one bug on a large map.

Joined: 04/13/2005 15:08:07
Messages: 23
Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Even the small ONS maps like Primeval seem to create a lot of lag. I don't know if it's the vehicles or what.
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Joined: 01/22/2005 20:29:18
Messages: 39

Its funny that mostly the ones that complain are the ones that remain on foot, there is a reason why ONS maps are bigger, and it has to do with simple physics, and I will give you an example:

You want to go to the store, that store is five miles away. A normal human walks five miles in an hour, so to walk to this store it takes you one hour. Now lets take a tank, Most tanks have a rated speed of 60 miles per hour, to travel the same path only takes the tank 5 minutes to travel.

Almost all ONS maps cover ? of that distance, so still to walk from one end of the map of 660' would still take you approximately 1½ minutes to cross, the tank would take 7½ sec.

>And if you don't think that's a long time walking, try it the next time you play.

By the way, that is only one side to finish the other three sides would take you walking 6 minutes to do the perimeter of the map.

So my first point is (as not to bore you with a bunch of math and stuff) ONS maps are made for driving.

My second point is you do a lot more damage in vehicles, And in this RPG, It gives you experience points based on damage and kills. And that means you can rack up experience points by doing this.

My third point. Maps are voted on. it takes more then 50% of the vote in order for a map to be played on. So on a full night that means 11 people voted to play it. so play it or watch how you vote.

I do agree that there is a down side to these maps.

Like trying to find that last monster, I try to make it a race to get it, but sometimes its does take awhile, and not all monsters appear to have life spans or have really long ones.

That there needs to be more monsters in relative to the size of the map, sadly the real bad side to that is monsters seem to travel in packs and monsters like warlords have homing missiles on ONS maps increasing these would cause the server to work harder and make more lag, especially the latter.

But boring????. its only boring when your trying to walk to kill that monster halfway across the map, that will most likly be dead as I have ran it over

But then again there a few that dont like or dont want to drive, sadly I cant do nothing about that

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
Messages: 1946

Here's my 2c

I keep these maps around in case we ever actually play a game of onslaught

They aren't intended for invasion & if I scale up the number of monsters necessarry for these maps, then the server gets pegged.

It does take 50% of the vote to win one of these maps in, so if 50% of the people want to play slow and booring, then I think that's ok.

On the other hand, if I take these maps away, then we cant play them onslaught.


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Joined: 12/21/2004 21:36:56
Messages: 417

my final thuoght..
I myself dont find gigantic maps apealing.. not my style ..
but. maybe we can make a slot for realy big maps. i wouldnt take them away. after all its not too often theyre played.

Joined: 02/06/2005 19:30:36
Messages: 117

I have no problem with "larger"maps being on. Sure at the first few waves it can be "cumbersome" to find that lat rabbit floating around but if the server really found it trouble then they could map vote it off EARLY in the map.

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Killing Spree

Joined: 02/14/2005 23:00:05
Messages: 58

Never cared for bigger maps myself, but I go do something else for awhile. If people wanna play em... meh I can always entertain myself with something else for an hour.

Not to knock the voting system, but people do tend to vote for whatever is up there first, so doesn't mean the majority wants to play.... But then again people who can't pay attention to the vote should suffer

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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 21:10:38
Messages: 1464
Location: chicago burbs

Two things, first is there a way to make the large vehicle invasion maps available in onslaught only? (I'm pretty sure no or you most likely would have already done it) Second, when one of these big maps is a real trouble maker it can be reported on this forum. This is the best way to eliminate trouble maps. Not to confuse anyone, but placing a vehicle invasion map up here simply because it is a vehicle invasion map is not kosher, I mean the bigger maps that create lag (toon country) or the spectacularly large maps that just demand to much time (lily liver), not maps like torlan or red planet which are known not to be a problem. Other than that I would say you are probably stuck with em cause some players still enjoy vehicle invasion and this server is all about the enjoyment.

I have never been a fan of the VINV maps for all the same reasons stated above.

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Joined: 01/29/2005 02:17:13
Messages: 64
Location: Salem, Massachusetts

i agree with ldk...and mystic i know how you feel


Joined: 05/22/2005 16:57:45
Messages: 247

whats that onslaught map that is really small? it forms sort of a figure 8 and its set in a green foresty area. the center of the figure 8 was a node that everyone tried to control. is that Primeval? i cant ever remember that one. but i think it would be good to play.

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Joined: 12/19/2004 19:19:16
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voteing is the best way to go. and i do vote it off . after a wave or two most vote with me.

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Joined: 03/31/2005 17:04:57
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dirty_deeds wrote:
voteing is the best way to go. and i do vote it off . after a wave or two most vote with me. 

That's because they are sheep. They hear "please vote" 5 or 6 times and they think that's what they are to do.

I don't think any vinv maps are boring, I find them quite fun and a nice change of pace.

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