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Very Large Onslaught Maps Make For Boring RPG Ivasion-Discuss...  XML
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Joined: 12/21/2004 21:36:56
Messages: 417

i dont think of myself or anyone in this game as sheep ,.we vote when we want as long as its in the beginning waves,if i ask people to vote and they do fine,, if not,then ill be back .. but the choice they make doesnt classify them as to a title of sheep, as to most people dont enjoy a 2 hr map with low point scale. <shrugs . just my opinion.

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Joined: 03/31/2005 17:04:57
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Perhaps I was too harsh, but to my credit, I have seen it where persons praise a map, then after hearing someone say "this map is too long" those same persons vote it off.

If I offended anyone, I apologize, then again...EGO dico is ut EGO animadverto is.

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Joined: 06/07/2005 23:56:41
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I don't mind playing ONS myself...I may whine a bit hehe. But majority rules, that's why we have a voting system. Yes, I get upset when people say don't vote for that, or vote for this one instead..I overheard someone *I won't mention names* who said "If you guys want to play Assualt you need to go to an assualt server". I myself was offended by that even though I didn't want to play Assualt. Isn't that why we have a voting system?
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Joined: 02/14/2005 23:00:05
Messages: 58

I've honestly never understood the attitude of some people toward assualt.... Most assualt maps last like 5 minutes on this server... You can't stop exp grinding for 5 minutes? Might not like it, but just like holla, I've heard a bit of complaining when assualt maps come up.

Don't like people whining about any map period... Don't like playing onslaught maps myself, so I just leave and come back later, and keep my grumping to myself(ok myself and this board but that's not the point ). Guess just a long way of me saying there's a time and place for discussion, and it's not really on voice chat when people are trying to play. Oh well that's just my 2 cents.

Joined: 06/21/2005 02:07:08
Messages: 6

i enjoy the ons inv. i try my best to vote for the decent sized maps. i have even went as fars as researching the maps on the server to see how big they are. i do the research in single player mode. havent gone trough all of the maps yet. i dont have a lot of the maps either. the ones i do have and researched are: torlan, aridoom roadrage (even though you might get stuck i still like it), arcticstronghold (its a lil big but not too big for 10 peeps) crossfire, frostbite, primeval, and pipeline are all good in my book i might have left some out cause i cant remember them all.


Joined: 05/04/2006 16:20:50
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Location: California

I have to agree with the ones who think the larger maps are boring after a while. Large maps like Dria and a few others are a very big pain because of the size of the map vs the amount of monsters in each wave. I can go the entire time without finding one. (Or is that just me?) Smaller ONS maps are sometimes better, like primevil, because the monsters are less spread out and it plays a bit like a DM/INV map, but with vehicles. Those I can handle, and I think others will agree when I say that the larger maps could be removed and the smaller maps kept. But it all really depends on the voting of the players at the time, as others have said.

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Joined: 02/20/2006 15:59:35
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I like big maps. I like invasion. I like not worring that someone is going to jump in front of me just as I let go of the 3 rocket rage 10 volley I have been preparing

Some of the small maps can be too crowded.

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Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
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The latest Monster Mover should help with these large maps a great deal.

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Joined: 01/22/2006 13:02:38
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I like the large onslaught maps, but there are a couple...maybe just one that I have found too big. It seems to me that it's easier to get more xp on the larger maps because the smaller maps do get a little too crowded sometimes...err.. a lot.. and I can't kill anything without someone killing it first. And as Druid said, the Monster Mover should help fix things with larger maps. I don't think I've had a chance to see how it helps.. looking forward to it


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Joined: 06/15/2006 11:28:24
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If I have any complaint against the larger onslaught maps, it's as many other have said before me, that towards the end of the waves the monsters get impossible to find. I've actually been in a game before where we spent 15 minutes looking for a titan, who only ended up dying from the life loss thing.

Another complaint I have is that Onslaught maps tend to make the purpose of medics rather useless, though I assume the opposite will be said of the engineers and regular invasion? I don't mean to hijack the thread, but perhaps there could be some experience point system for medics healing vehicles? And if us medics actually get experience for healing vehicles with a medic link gun, call me an idiot now please for only just realizing this possibility.

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Joined: 12/19/2004 18:35:28
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Just to remind everyone what the format of the maps forum is:


Therefore, if there is a specific map that you would like something to be done about, make it its own post.

Also keep in mind that due to the way UT was written, if a map is removed for one gametype (invasion), it is removed for all (including vehicle invasion and onslaught).

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