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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 05/18/2005 18:32:41
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I had the following suggestion from PhoenixFire:

PhoenixFire wrote:
A method for solving the dilenma on how to create new artifacts without overpowering LA might be doing something that would prevent them from getting all of them; e.g.:

If they choose, say lightning artifacts, they don't get access to the other ones, and vice versa. This might create subdivisions within a class, but that's something that's found in many mmorpgs, so it might be worth looking at. Similarly, something could be implemented to do the same thing with summoners, although that one might be more difficult. 

So, the suggestion is to leave the main AM, WM and Medic/Monster classes the same as now.

However, have a number of 'subclasses' that the player can buy one of. This subclass limits what the player can buy to a subset of what he otherwise would be able to buy, but makes him more proficient at what he can do.

For example, one AM class could be a 'weapons' class. They have triple, double mod, mwm, max, max+1, leech, surge and some others - everything related to using weapons better - but wouldn't have things like globe, rod, blast artifacts, boots, electromagnet, drip. So, the player would get a benefit from the limit - could be extra artifacts not generally available (MakeVorpal, Max+2,....) or use less adrenaline for the artifacts he has, or something else.

Likewise, there could be a 'power' subclass, having the new blast artifacts, drip, rod etc, but not the mwm, triple.

Some abilities/ artifacts may be in more than one subclass.

So, there could be a number of different subclasses, each limiting the player to a subset of things available to the class, but providing a different benefit..



Joined: 08/20/2005 18:13:53
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Location: Edmonds, WA

Want a condensed version of this? Skip to the last paragraph.
I type too much, don't I?

It seems like a cool idea... but a bit complicated. How many subclasses would there be in each class, about? How much would the subclasses differ?

Personally, I kind of like it the way it is - it's not so hard to have a decently capable player of each class. But if you add in these subclasses, the perfectionists/"gotta-have-it-all"ists (of which I consider myself probably one) will either 1) have a headache trying to run tons of characters or 2) will be a little frustrated by not being able to do everything in some way shape or form.

I would agree that this is the best way to incorporate new things (such as the blasts) into the RPG without severely unbalancing the classes.

It still seems a little foggy to me. Would one subclass be able to run the triple at less adren/second? Would another be able to run the lightning rod at 10% of damage done, instead of 15%? Or would they just get different artifacts?

Also... WM seems a little bit like a big block that won't separate. No vamp? Gets too tough. No regen? Could probably manage, but would get a little tough. No LW? Why are you a WM w/o it? Or, perhaps, a certain subclass could be a specialist in weapons and be able to buy LW4/5, while other classes can only go up to 3, but can buy more vamp/regen? I suppose that's an idea, but it seems like it could get tediously difficult to code and then to inform yourself of what all of the choices of subclasses entail.

Medic/Monster seems like it has a natural dividing line - some players seem to be really into the monsters, others like to be the medic. Possibilities there - only monster subclass can buy monster intelligence? Monster health? High levels of monster points/loaded monsters? Medic subclass gets what more?

The verdict, as far as my puny opinion counts for? Sounds interesting, promising, & good, but needs a looot of details hammered out. A lot of arbitrary decisions too, as far as what each subclass gets and doesn't get. I also think it overcomplicates things a little... which may frustrate some people. But I like the idea, and think it could work out. Good luck with it.

My Players: Junkie: Kyraeu 85 -- Medic: Excuses 68 -- Weapon: Fyruse 40
Saving for: Ghost 1, 2, 3, then adren skills -- Ghost 3 -- max DB, then some HB


Joined: 03/04/2006 13:40:23
Messages: 350

I think it rocks, especially for Adrenaline Masters and Medics.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think that if you're an Adrenaline Master, you probably use your Magic artifacts or your combat artifacts. I have stated this before.

Also, summoning monsters and healing teammates are the same as above, and at the same time, totally different from one another. When you hear monster master, do you inherently think of a medic? When you hear Medic, do you think of one who tames opponents? Really.

So, I think it's excellent.
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