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Ghost map glitch??  XML
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Killing Spree

Joined: 06/15/2006 11:28:24
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I'm not sure whether I should make this topic here, or over in the maps server. I apologize in advance if this topic is in the inappropriate server.

I've been in (and heard of) a few games in which a player would ghost, and randomly zoom off the map or underground. Is that a map glitch, or simply a glitch in the ghost coding that causes this phenomenon? Just wondering since I think I might start putting points towards Ghost soon with my Medic, as soon as I get my DB to 50.

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Wicked Sick!

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There's a few things like this with ghost, but don't let it dissuade you from getting it. The downsides are nothing compared to the advantages.

Wicked Sick!

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I too would recommend getting ghost, regardless of the glitches with it (there are many, including a bunch you did not mention). Even with those glitches which result in you getting dropped in odd places when the wave is over, or when it does not trigger when you get knocked someplace you normally do not go (and are expected not to go, like falling off some of the floating buildings), there are countless times it is effectively a free second life during a wave.

Also, when it happens, note the map and post that info here. Some maps which have portals and the like will actually have two widely separated areas, and when you ghost from one side to another, you appear to go off the map (well, you literally do) as you ghost. A prime example for this is CTF-PhaseShift. Another map which does not instantly come to mind about this is CTF-QuantumFluxFinal, where those wierd warp tunnels are actually well offset from the main area of the map. But there are also other maps which pull wierd tricks like huge portal zones in what seems to be normal air. Tricks like these are done to make a map more playable, and you never know that you or your weapons fire is going through a portal. But they do exists. Fortunately, the distances are generally very short, so ghost would not have as much of a chance to glitch. As for which maps do this, I cannot remember, as it has been about 15 months since I last messed with one like this. So I unfortunately cannot tell you whether any maps like this are on DC.

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wel, IIRC it usualy is a map thing.
as it is supposed to ghost you towards a node or something.


spacey wrote:
like falling off some of the floating buildings 

that is intended, a few versions back Mysterial did this on purpose, your not supposed to ghost when falling off the map.

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Mysterial put in some fixes for this in the latest RPG that we're running now. It shouldn't be a problem anymore.

It had to do with your physics model when you died.

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