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Medics, healing, and XP  XML
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Killing Spree

Joined: 09/04/2006 16:00:21
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I enjoy playing my medic and have no serious qualms about the medic class, but I do think that a slight bump in Exp healing would be wonderful. Whether that would mean say 2% per level of Exp healing or more levels of EXP healing I'm not sure.

I generally run around killing monsters and healing everyone i see. When I am the only medic on and can rack up some kills I can get some pretty nice XP, but the XP from healing alone is not substantial. Out of say the 1200-1500XP i can get, probably 40% of that is from healing, that makes me think twice about pouring so many stat points into Exp healing. I could pour my stats into health bonus, DR, and DB and become an offensive medic and I probably wouldn't miss the EXP healing much.

I do not want to see the offensive abilites of medics stunted, because medics are already the weakest class offensively, but I would love to see either a reduction in the price of Exp healing, more levels of Exp healing made available or perhaps slightly raising the percentage amount of XP we get for healing.

LW can establish a core set of skills by level 60-70 and start scoring nicely, LA's by 70-80 can do the same. Medics can have all the healing skills they need by level 30, that is good at level 30-40, but in later levels it is a drag on levelling. I will have to rely on killing more monsters to up my XP, not on healing. To become a full fledged healer/monster master by level 60-70 would require you to disregard things like health bonus, DB and DR for the most part. That would make you a sitting duck on many maps.

On the monster master level, perhaps the first levels could get you something like a krall instead of useless things like the nali bunnies, etc. If you guys are questioning raising the amount we get for Exp healing, lowering the cost of things like EXP healing and perhaps eliminating some of the useless monsters from being a monster master would suffice.


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With the advent of engineers and their new abilities to create vechicles, stationary weapons and such. One thing that might be cool is for medics to create a healing pod or something where players or multiple players could go into some kind of building and regenerate themselves. Maybe even create a vehicle ambulance of sort where medics could drive up to people and get them inside for heals.
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Wicked Sick!

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ive read soem tlak about the idea of medic nali cows as pet whcih aid in healing though i belvie its all talk at this point...

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