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flak ball question  XML
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Wicked Sick!

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After thinking it through (and a couple of weeks ago, running into a nice "client/server" issue with some code I was looking at), this is what's going on:

Your PC is running the "client". DC's server is, wow! The "server".

Server knows all, sees all.

Client just (for the most part) shows pretty things (like radar). It does sometimes "guestimate" stuff based on the last bits of information it got from the server. If the guess is wrong, it will update your display when it gets another update (this becomes an obvious situation when there's a bit of lag).

Server tells the client barely what the client needs to know to show stuff. The only thing it allows the client to tell it is when you've pushed buttons and stuff. The server makes the decision as to when something hits something. This is one of those things that the client does not like to guess about (again, becomes more obvious when there's lag).

So I'm getting the feel that corpses are mainly some kind of client-side artifact. When a monster dies, the server doesn't see a corpse there, and to the server your weapon blast hits the target on the other side.

The client, on the other hand, thinks that the corpse is there and displays the graphics to indicate that you actually hit the corpse instead of the monster.

But the server controls all - so you actually do damage the monster behind the corpse.

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Wicked Sick!

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This topic comes up a lot on BU with rockets "shooting around corners" LG kills that don't look like they hit ect...

BotFodder's explanation is pretty accurate, basically if the server calculates that you hit something you hit it, even if the client(s) don't draw it.

Usually what you see is accurate but occasionally lag or just an error in displaying the physiques of something doesnt match to what actually happend. One of the reasons no two clients see the same ragdoll for post death tumbling or whatever its called

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