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Code for stopping AMs from dropping artifacts  XML
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Wicked Sick!

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Continuum wrote:
Since LA's are an additional class do they even need to get the default artifacts? You could give them an extended version that youve modified to prevent dropping (could even make an abstract class that they all extended from if you needed to). 

I have a feeling Dru may have tried something along those lines, but it resulted in LA's being able to pick up multiple versions of the "same" artifact (IE, since you technically have two "different" triples, you can pick up both at the same time).

I'm going to step back from this thread (and the topic as a whole) until such time as I hear something from Dru that makes me think it's worth persuing (and I haven't grossly misinterpreted him, and I'm on the right track, yadda yadda yadda). I feel like (for a variety of reasons) I'm walking around knee deep in cloudy water and I don't want to suddenly sink into a hole.

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Personally, I think the whole deal is sort of dumb... If I was to make a mod for UT2004RPG with some features from DruidsRPG, I'd just make the features myself and extend from UT2004RPG. For example, I once attempted to create a Vehicle Master type thing, much like SonicRPG's (UnrealInsanity). It didn't end up working, but my point is that it becomes very difficult to keep track fo things when you're in the third generation of a mod (UT2004RPG -> DruidsRPG -> NewRPG), and ti is much easier just to create a whole new mod yourself and give credit to those whose work you used. Bah, that's just me.

And aside, like I said, it's only one variable. Heck, you could just prefix the existing artifacts with some letter, and check for the letter when you go through the check or something.
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