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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 06/12/2005 20:15:17
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Location: Utah

ya know what cham????? peanut butter is DIS-GUST-ING!!!!!!!!!!! say it with me all together now "peanut butter is disgusting!!!!!!!"

oh! and when the day comes that I pick up your vorpal +10 shock...I'm gonna throw it over the edge!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahack *cough cough CHOKE*

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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 01/02/2005 18:15:15
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Location: north east, ny.

I have returned! And we wern't chewed! (almost though) Ranger came around on friday morning to tell everyone there was a bear prowling the grounds and to keep all of your food and garbage in your cars. (no big deal, do that anyway.) So early this morning (around 2) My wife pokes at me and says there was something pawing at the tent and grunting. Yah Yah, right, mmmmmhmmm just a chipmunk. Get home at around 10 this morning and start putting stuff away and guess what is on the windows of the van? muddy bear prints, and lick marks where I had spilled some jave on the back of the car! Scary but cool. Tried to get some pics of the prints, but they didn't come out well at all.

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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 02/21/2005 14:31:28
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Location: Brick City

ooooh, sounds a little close for comfort, but that's how it is in the mtns... we've had a few bear problems up there before, they just have to see or smell something and they'll figure out a way to get it. Well glad your back and it'll be good to play with you again!
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