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Geodude Monsters  XML
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I made some Geodude monsters for invasion last year, figured I might as well post about it here on the off chance they might be added to the server. In case you don't know, a Geodude is a Pokemon that has a similar shape to a Gasbag. In fact I got the idea to make this when my son called a Gasbag a Geodude, and I was like... yeah, good idea! Time to put my skinning skills to use!

These monsters hover just over the ground and throw rocks. They have animated textures (they blink!) and are cell-shaded. The rocks are very similar to (and are based on) titan rocks, so they produce a lot of knockback, although (in general) they do less damage. They have an interesting defensive mechanism - when you shoot them, rocks chip off the monsters and fly in your general direction. It forces you to change your weapon strategy a bit. Try shooting one point-blank with a minigun.

The rocks skinned to match the Geodude that throws the rocks, and all of them have matching gibs, which you can see if you have the 'Full Gore' option enabled. They have custom sounds and kill messages. Their kills are also properly tracked when used as pets with Druid's RPG. They're very effective, and would work well for the extreme monster master subclass.

Beta 2 is the "final" version, I just didn't feel like recompiling and re-releasing under a new name.

GeodudeMonster_B2.Dude - "Geodude" The basic gray geodude. Small, throws rocks, not terribly strong, but has relatively high hp. Worth 5 points.
GeodudeMonster_B2.ShinyDude - "Shiny Geodude." This one is a yellowish color, based on the alternate color in recent pokemon games. A little faster, and does a little more damage and has a little more hp. Worth 6 points.
GeodudeMonster_B2.ToughDude - "Tough Geodude." Same look as the basic geodude, but is a lot faster and does the most damage of all four. It also has a more than twice the HP of the others. Think of it as a mini titan. Worth 9 points.
GeodudeMonster_B2.GreenDude - "Forest Geodude." A weird alternate color I tried, similar to the "shiny" color in the original Pokemon Gold/Silver on the Gameboy Color. It has lower accuracy than the others, and slower rocks, but they do a good deal of damage. Same HP as the shiny geodude. Worth 6 points.



More screens:

The new DC server:


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That would be neat to add on to the server...we could do with a new monster now and then, I think. My brother (dr_peper) went crazy when he saw this, and I thought it would be interesting to have to fight something that requires such a specific method in killing it.
I was a little hesitant at first in supporting this idea since it isn't really stay in theme of Unreal or "Unrealism" (hardy har). Then again, neither does Yoda, Chuck Norris, Optimus Prime, and velociraptors.

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