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So you want to be a Medic/Monster master Player?  XML
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Wicked Sick!

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One thing I have noticed is that something as small as a bump in the ground can block the effectiveness of the blast. It can also occasionally go "into the map" and then be blocked by the floor (more rare though).

Usually I notice this when the blast starts near steps and someone's up stairs from it.

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I downloaded the files at this site but I dont have rhe special skills like monster master all i have is the normle rpgs what did i do wrong?

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javascript:emoticon(''); ok can somone just tell me how to summon
my monster all i hear is what peaople are doing but i just want to know how i summon

Wicked Sick!

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BotFodder wrote:
How Do You Become A Medic/Monster Master?

You are strongly encouraged to read this entire thread.

You will need a number of stat points - at least 1 to pick a class.

1. First, hit "L" to get into your stats window.
2. Highlight the "Class: Medic/Monster Master" skill and click "Buy". It will cost you 1 point.

It's that simple. However, the next steps depend on what specialty you want:

If you want to specialize in being a medic and make a medic weapon:

Scroll through the list and find the "Loaded Medic" skill. Level 1 of this skill will cost you 3 points. You probably won't want to stop there. See the "Info" for this class; it is accurately duplicated on the Main FAQ's RPG Skill Description page - included under the "Loaded Medic" description is information about the "Medic Weapon Maker".

If you want to specialize in being a monster summoner:

See the information in the rest of this thread. You'll need to at the very least purchase levels in both "Loaded Monsters" and "Monster Points". Both start out only costing 2 points each for level 1 of each. How LM and MP are interrelated are explained to the best of my ability below.

What's the whole "Loaded Monsters" and "Monster Points" thing?

"Loaded Monsters" determines what monsters you could possibly summon, providing you have enough "Monster Points" (generally, the higher the level of LM required to be able to summon a monter, the more MPs it's going to cost to summon it). "Monster Points" determines how many of a given monster you can summon. As an example, if you have 6 MPs, you can summon:

1 pet that costs 6 MPs
2 pets that cost 3 MPs
1 pet that costs 4 MPs and 1 pet that costs 2 MPs

etc. I think you get the idea now. Your "Monster Points" indicator (when it's working - there still are a few bugs remaining) will change to indicate how many of your monster points you're using. For example, if you had 8 possible MPs, when you start out you'd see an indicator that would say "0/8". You summon a 2 MP monster, and the indicator will change to "2/8". That monster dies, and the indicator will change back to "0/8". 

You really need to read the entire thread to understand. But in essence, you need to buy MM by pressing "L" while in game and buy the monster master ability. Once you have done that, you will obtain the artifact for summoning monsters. You summon monsters in the same way you would use any other artifact by"using" the artifact and adren.

Then, as you move up the ranks of medic/monster master, you can spawn better/meaner monsters to do your fighting for you.

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Medic/Monster master Pet Chart

Loaded--Pet-Name-----MP-Adren-HP--Min-Max Damage
2 Pupae----------------2---15-----60-----8---12
2 Manta---------------3---20---100---18---18
3 Krall-----------------3---30---100----17----30
3 Devil Fish-----------3---45------?-----?------?
3 Razorfly-------------3----30----35----10---10
4 Elite Krall-----------4----35---100----20---30
5 Gasbag-------------5---40----150----25---45
5 Mercenary----------6---40----180---10---50
6 Brute----------------5---50----220---30---55
6 Metal Skaarj--------8---55----150---20---25
7 Skaarj---------------5---40----150---20---30
8 Behemoth-----------7---70----260---65---65
8 Giant Razorfly-------7---75----200---50---50
8 Elite Mercenary-----7---60----240---16---50
9 Ice Skaarj-----------7---60----150---20---25
10 Skaarj Trooper-----5---50----200---20---30
11 Fire Skaarj----------7---70----150---20---45
11 Slith------------------7---75----210---20---25
12 Skaarj Sniper-------7---80----200---20---65
14 Warlord-------------13--100---500--45---70
15 Titan-----------------15--100---900--80---85
16* Ghost Behemoth---8---80---250---55---55
20* Lava Skaarj--------16---90---250---20---40+

*Loaded monsters 16-20 available to Extreme monster subclass only.

HP and damage based off the monster page sticky.

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one thing i have noticed with my MM is healing exp trumps spending points on monsters, as i've lvl'd my MM way more with maxed healing xp than attempting to create monsters. the main problem to me is with the 50% damage that MM has, so you have to heal a lot! (ie no other medics and lots of WM or AM with very few EM as defense sents block the damage you could heal). i almost would like for medics damage to be increased a bit, but healing xp would have be dropped for that, which would end up cancelling out the benefit. monsters are awesome, nothing like having someone helping you out, but even with maxed intelligence they seem near worthless (at least in my experience). when i did use monsters, i maxed out their intelligence and health, and ran mostly lesser cost monsters, yet they still seemed too "stupid" to stay a live and mostly died, even with me trying to keep them alive. i know monster master works very well, as i've seen a few players playing that class, but for up and coming medics i would just focus on healing others and being a "combat medic". just my 2 cents

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Not to mention the fact that having monsters will make you crash sometimes.

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So Medic, Extreme Medic, Extreme Monsters, MM/ENG Hybrid do only 50% damage with all weapons, vehicles and turrets, right?
So when they max their DB to 80, then they do 70% of damage with all these weapons, vehicles and turrets, right?

^The statement above might be false^

Wicked Sick!

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Sokoro wrote:
So Medic, Extreme Medic, Extreme Monsters, MM/ENG Hybrid do only 50% damage with all weapons, vehicles and turrets, right?
So when they max their DB to 80, then they do 70% of damage with all these weapons, vehicles and turrets, right? 

Only the Extreme Medic gets the damage reduction. This is to balance the increase in healing power they get.

How much damage is done depends on lots of things. Yes the DB will increase it, but the DR of what you are attacking will reduce it.
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