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Traveling to Pleasanton CA Oct 8-14  XML
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Wicked Sick!

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Well, the boss has been asking repeatedly that I visit the office, and given it is now 6 months and not the every 3 which was originally planned when I hired on, I decided it was time for me to go through the hassles. So, I am flying out to OAK and arriving late Sunday evening (Oct 8 ), and will be in Pleasanton until I fly out early Saturday morning

Why post it here? Well, I know some DC folks either live/lived in the area or in a few cases, were right in Pleasanton itself. And so, I figure this is a good way to get even more recommendations on places to eat, and if folks feel like it, maybe even get together for a couple of hours.

On the places to eat, I love Gay 90's Pizza, and we generally end up having lunch at the Blue Agave, but I am still searching for and trying out sushi, mexican, indian, greek and other types of places. And while I would like to try Douglas Adams's place, I have heard it is a bit too pricy for me to be asking the company to reimburse me. I have even given thoughts of seeing what is down the road in Livermore/Tracy. So any suggestions of good places to eat in Dublin/Pleasanton are quite welcome. But PLEASE! No places like Faz's. Their dinners are more presentation than substance in my book and they have the price to show it, while the food is just so-so in my book. Especially a problem given their apparent love of cucumbers, to which I am allergic (right along with most fresh fruit, water chestnuts, and a few other odds and ends).

So, anyone have any suggestions??

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Wicked Sick!

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I know where that is...
I dont live in CA anymore as my Sig. notates, but I was born in San Diego, raised north of Sac. up I80 just above Auburn. So I had plenty of time to be around the state. CA. was my first divorce.
Have fun there!

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Wicked Sick!

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You're looking for something in Livermore? I wish I could remember what this one place was called, but it is a Mexican restaurant. It is on the street adjacent to main streat in downtown Livermore. I wish I could also remember the cross street. I want to say 4th, but I'm not sure about that. I do like Gay 90's, too. I didn't go there much when I lived there, though. Did you ever go to that Alberto's restaurant in downtown Pleasanton? Strizzy's isn't too bad. That is in downtown Pleasanton. It is an Italian place. If you are looking for a place to hike that is close to where you are going to work, go to the Pleasanton ridge. I'm not sure if I already told you about that a while back or not, though. If not, here you go; I think the office you are going to is on West Las Positas Blvd? I can't remember where it was. Anyway, if that is the street, then head west on that street till you hit Hopyard and head south (turn left). Stay in the right lane and look for Valley Ave. It will be a few lights after you turn left. Some of the landmarks to look for are baseball fields on the left side of the road (that is the sports park). The turn will be at a four way stop-light with a gas station on one corner. Turn right at Valley Ave and just follow this road. You will be going through an area with just homes for the most part. You will pass a driving range and the fair grounds on your left. Right after those, you will come to another four-way stop which will be Bernal. There should be a Shell gas station on the corner. After you turn right, you will see an overpass for I-680 freeway. Just go underneath the overpass and follow Bernal. After going under the overpass, you will cross over a little bridge. You will see a light up ahead for a three way stop light. This road will be Foothill. Turn left and follow this road for a little bit. You will be heading south and the hill will be on your right. You will be seeing mostly homes and a golf course along the way. I think you will go through two stop signs, if memory serves. I don't remember how far it is, but you will be following Foothill for about five or ten minutes. You will know you are getting close to the trailhead when all the homes dissapear and you just see trees and open grass areas. You will see a dirt parking lot on the right side. The gate closes at sunset, but you can park outside the gate and still use the trail. This trail is pretty nice and it connects with some other trials along the top. There are a couple of other trailheads, but you have to be a Pleasanton resident to get to them. If you happen to pass up the parking lot, some of the things to look for is you will go up a small hill and the road will start to throw you some tight turns. Did you ever go to Mt. Diablo before? If not, I can give you directions to there. I just don't want to make this post too long.

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