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2006-09-05 Morning seen bugs.  XML
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Killing Spree
Joined: 05/27/2005 14:15:36
Messages: 68

Hi guys.
Today morning I saw some odd bugs during gameplay.
While playing Helmzdeep after coming in a 2nd time I noticed that several of my weapons had the "magical" look onthem but the names showed no bonuses or the special effect of the weapon.
Example of this:
Switched to sniper rifle, it had the "lucky" transparent look but it didn't show the lucky name or the bonuses if any.
Same happened with rocket launcher, grenade launcher, flak gun, minigun, link gun... those were the onesi managed to see this happen before i died.
Forgot to take a screenshot.


EDIT: Forgot to mention another bug; my player was very slow, as if the RPG bonuses were not applying, but they did show when i checked the stats, this was the day before yesterday I believe.

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
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Did you try quitting unreal and rejoining?

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Flak Monkey

Wicked Sick!

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This has happend to me on several occasions. Usually some odd instance happens just before this is noticed ( a combonation of things the game didn't like). Only way I was able to cure it in that "life" was to quit and re-join. I can't recall what happend just prior to this "bug" it being so long ago since the last time. I will try to make note of it next time. Maybe even get a screen shot.

A simular occurance is when you ghost while a tripple (or DD) is in use. When you respawn, expired or not, your weapon will still have the purple glow of the damage amp. for the rest of the game, unless you completely die.

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