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How to access CVS  XML
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Wicked Sick!

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If you're one of the few to have access, (and believe me, you know who you are) you'll need a CVS tool.

Since you're most likely on windows, I'd get this one: http://www.wincvs.org/

Next, you'll have to generate a SSH key.

Once you have an ssh key, you'll have to email me the public portion of your key so I can add it to your account. I'll also need whatever IPs you'll be connecting on so that I can add them to the firewall rules.

Then you'll have to add it to your WinCVS by doing the following:
(more info to come)

Once all these steps are complete, you should have access to cvs using this cvs connect string: Code:

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Wicked Sick!

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I got TortoiseCVS working (I think), and here's how. Note that I'm no expert in this yet, so YMMV.

TortoiseCVS and SSH how to:

You'll need two (possibly 3) things to get this set up and running: TortoiseCVS, Peagent.exe, and possibly PuttyGen.exe (though I think PuttyGen.exe is actually included in the main TortoiseCVS package).

You can get TortoiseCVS from http://tortoisecvs.sourceforge.net/download.shtml

You can get Peagent.exe and PuttyGen.exe from the Putty Website at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

Install TortoiseCVS using its installer and reboot. Download the Putty utilities - I dropped them into the TortoiseCVS install directory.

First use PuttyGen.exe (you'll have to browse for it) to generate an SSH2 key (I prefer DSA keys). Open puttygen.exe and select the key (it defaults to SSH2 RSA) and click "Generate" - to introduce randomness, it will want you to move your mouse around. Once it's done:

The data in the "Public key for pasting ... " box is what you want to send to Dru.

To secure your private key, set up a passphrase. Note that when you go to use the private key later, you'll have to enter the passphrase every time.

Save out the keys - mainly the private key, though you'll want to save out the public key for later if you need to resend it to Dru.

Once the keys have been set up properly (IOW, once Dru has your public key set up on the server), you'll run pageant.exe (I manually created a shortcut for it so that I could run it without having to browse for the program). It will put an icon in your system tray to indicate that it's running. Right click the icon and choose "Add Key". Browse to where you've saved your private key. Note that if you've used a passphrase to secure it, this is where you'll have to enter it.

Once the pageant deamon is running with your private key, it's time to actually configure and fire up TortoiseCVS. Go to "Start" - "Programs" - "TortoiseCVS" and run the "Preferences". Under the "Advanced" tab, you'll find the option for "Custom home folder:". This should default to your "Documents and Settings" folder.

This is an important location to note. Certain context (right-click) menu options installed by TortoiseCVS will not show up unless you're operating within this directory.

Now, I used "Windows Explorer" to browse to my "My Documents" directory (which is within my D&S folder) and created a "DC" directory. Then I right clicked it:

Select "CVS Checkout ... " and it will open a dialog:

Fill out the information as directed by Dru. Note that there are other tabs here that may become relevant to you later. I haven't gotten that far yet.

Once you click "OK", it should create a new directory in the designated folder for the "Module" in question, and download all current files.

That should get you started. Note that I haven't gotten nearly as far as total use out of this program yet - so past this point, you're on your own.

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