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-What do i need for not to lag in my graphics?-  XML
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Joined: 04/11/2006 10:03:01
Messages: 6
Location: Mexico

When im playing in the server with some texturized maps my graphics starts to lag a lot, but my ping is ok.

What do i need to have a better performance?

Memory Ram?
A powerful Video card accelerator?

This is what my computer has:

Amd Sempron 2600 runs at 1.89 Ghz
510 Memory Ram
Nvidia GeForce4 MX 420



Joined: 05/09/2005 14:11:39
Messages: 155
Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

I believe most of those Semprons use on board video cards with shared system memory. You might want to try going into the BIOS on your system and allocating more of the system memory to the video but be careful as you'd be taking system memory away from your programs ie Windows and UT. It might not be a bad idea to give more ram to your system at least another 512mb if you're going to bother, and then allocate the max amount of memory to your video (probably 128mb). You could also get a better video card but if you're still playing mostly UT2004 what you have should be fine if you feed it more memory. Also think about turning down textures, lowering resolutions, stuff like that.

I'm sure a few others will throw in their "2 cents" as well.
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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 20:59:52
Messages: 562

I can safely say that if you use a GeForce MX card there will be maps that will cause it to struggle. Some maps make my 7800GT slow down a little bit because they arent optimized well. So those same maps will make your graphics card crawl.

You could try lowering the settings in the game and it will help a little. But nothing is going to make as big of a difference as getting more RAM and a newer Video card.

The processor should be fine for UT2004.

Killing Spree

Joined: 01/20/2006 17:28:27
Messages: 48

the actual detail settings do not make huge difference (unleses you add them all up) and the real important thing is resolution. with that system you should be able to enjoy most maps at 1024x768 (16 bit) and most of the deatils at normal. of course stuff like trilinear buffering etx should be off. world/character/physics detail at normal should be fine.

i have a (slightly) worse system and feel lucky at 20 fps most of the times. also, like vortex said, there are maps that you are just stuck with <10 fps.

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 03/09/2005 05:20:36
Messages: 479
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Also make sure your using direct 3d (not software) for rendering, that + running in a lower resolution will make the biggest difference if you don't plan on getting a new video card.

A couple other things that have a bit of impact are.

Turn on trilinear filtering
Use blob (or turn off) shadows (this can actually help quite a bit)
Lower the decal stay
Lower the fog distance, this will shorten the distance you can see things (making fewer polygons to render to your screen)

And of course all the detail settings can be changed, for invasion it would probably be a good idea to lower the player detail since 21 skins on a server can eat up a good chunk of memory especially if someone is using one with animations or shaders)

To set up stuff in your os you can always google for windows tweaks (assuming your running windows).

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