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Wicked Sick!

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Ok. Here's the situation. My parents went away on a week's vacation...No, wait, wrong decade....
Any way, My new xfx 6800gs agp would not work under any circumstance. (I suggest not buying it, many of them according to multiple forums a not right and a lot of rma's have happened. In fact, I think tiger direct pulled them off of the web site.) So xfx agreed to send me a pci-e version (XXX, 256 mb for all of the trouble and cost of sending 2 cards back to them, both tested bad cores- see above suggestion).
Well, I need a new mobo, right? A fella I work with is big into OC-ing and gets a lot of free stuff to write demo reviews, and he has a mobo I can have. Abit NI8 Abit site NI8 specs
I have to pick up a new cpu and memory though, as he is using all of his, I was thinking about this and this
What do you think? Is the 533 fast enough, or should I go for 800? Is corsair VS memory just a stick of cheeze or will it work well with no hitches? I was even thinking of a celeron D cpu, but I can get a straight p4 for around the same price, which would be better? Keep in mind, budget is limited and it may take a bit to get all of the stuff I need to get this up and running.

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Considering the bus is the means by which data is transfered to and from the CPU, you ideally want it to go as high as possible. I'd personally consider 800 to be the minimum for gaming, particularly in CPU intensive games such as UT2004.

As your motherboard allows for socket 775 processors, you might want to consider choosing one of Intel's 64-bit processors. Although it can be around an extra $100, you're future proofing yourself and complimenting your DDR2 memory modules. But, if you're happy with 32-bit (and the benefits of 64-bit are still not apparent as the software isn't really out there yet) you might want to look at this CPU:


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Wicked Sick!
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Considering what you are replacing, and the fact that you are doing it under a budget, RAM is the cheapest thing to skimp on when buying a new computer. Go with the 533 if the budget is tight and upgrade later when you can afford it.

Be aware, by using a socket 775 chipset, it may be difficult to upgrade your processor in a year.

I do not paticularly like Tiger Direct, I know quite a few people who have had to return things, they eventualy get something that works, and at an awsome price, but I don't like to return/replace stuff.

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Wicked Sick!

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Wicked Sick!

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Some of it is personal preference. Depending on who you ask will depend on what response you get.

With respect to chipsets, some say that non-Pentium is better for gameing, others would throw rocks at them for saying that.

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