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Computer reboots HELP ME  XML
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my computer rebooots when i try to play on the server now I can get as far as the game loading and sometimes you can hear players talking while you come in but the game never really loads. Then the computer reboots. HELP I played the game single player and then on other sites it works just not this server. Seeing how this is the only one I play on, I am very upset. Not sure what the problem is and I dont think I really need to uninstall, when other sites work..
Can anyone help me?

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Joined: 12/19/2004 20:59:52
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It sounds like windows is crashing hard on something.

Try disabling the feature that makes your computer auto reboot when it crashes:
1) Right-click My Computer and select Properties
2) Click on the Advanced tab
3) Under the 'Startup and Recovery' click Settings...
4) About halfway down there is a checkbox called "Automatically Restart", uncheck that box and click OK

The next time it happens the computer should come up with a blue screen and write down the error messages at the bottom that have some number and probably a file name as well

such as 0x00008.......blah blah
'file_name' error

That message should give a clue as to what is going on and you can either post it here and we can look for the cause or you can google search it yourself if you like troubleshooting.

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 21:10:38
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As far as I know, UT2004 runs as its own operating system. It might be possible that the game files got borked in some way or another and a reinstall could fix it. It also might be a video card power supply issue. I learned the hard way recently that your videocards power requirements can cause funky things to happen if your power supply starts to lose its luster. Vortex knows infinately more about computers than I do, so definately take his advice over mine. Just wanted to toss stuff against the wall. Good luck DarkStar!

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> As far as I know, UT2004 runs as its own operating system.
That has a grain of truth to it, but the game certainly still uses O/S services. In any case, if the game's files are "borked", it could cause serious problems, including ones that force a hard-boot.

If the game runs fine on other servers, I would not suspect a power or other hardware problem. Have you tried other servers running the RPG mod?

A reinstall is a good idea, but make sure to back up your User.ini and UT2004.ini files, where all your settings, key bindings, etc. are stored. The installation is not supposed to clear them, but caution is in order. Remember that you will need to reinstall the latest update as well.

Installing to a new location (or moving the old one first) would give you a more "clean" installation, but would also mean that you would lose all your maps, skins, and anything else you added after installation. It's possible that one of the skins, mods, or who knows what is actually the source of the problem. Have you installed any utmod or zip files lately?

Before you try a reinstall:

After booting up, open up "UT2004.log" from your UT2004\System directory and jump to the end. See if there are any messages indicating errors, failures, exceptions, etc. near the end. If it's so much Greek to you, attach the last few pages to a reply here (don't include it inline, please.)

Assuming that doesn't lead anywhere useful, try deleting the entire contents of the UT2004\Cache directory.

If that doesn't work, try running UT from the "Safe Mode" link. This should at least give you more information if it does crash. It should also cause more info to be dumped to the log file mentioned earlier.

If all that doesn't get you anywhere, it's probably time for a tech support call. Replacing Windows with Linux would help too...

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
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Dark, it sounds like a memory sick has maybe gone bad in your computer. Here's how to make sure:

There's a zip of a CD ISO here: http://www.memtest.org/#downiso

Pull down the zip, unzip it, and burn it to a CD. This will make a bootable CD that will fully test your memory.

One of the tricks to this is it will keep testing your ram forever, so you should watch for it to put a Pass: 1 up or a Fail: 1 up.

If it fails, you know you've got a bad stick of ram. From there, you can probably open up your computer and remove one, and test it again, and through trial and error determine the bad one.

It's also possible that your power supply is wearing out. How many watts does your power supply generate?


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