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Engineer class  XML
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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 05/18/2005 18:32:41
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Location: UK

Llachior wrote:
How 'bout a shield generating weapon? You know, similar to the medic weapon where they can heal life but a weapon that can heal shields. 

Could let the Engineer's Link Gun do that. What do you think Dru?

I don't think Engineers should get xp for it, and there is no visual indicator of when someone is fully charged (although we could briefly flash them gold for a second, like the healing flashes them blue)?


Joined: 05/09/2005 14:11:39
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Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

How 'bout even creating a new weapon all together shield link, shield rockets, shield mini, etc... and have the engineer spawn with shield weapons just like the medic spawns with medic weapons. When I think of an engineer I think of a mechanic/technological/support kind of role and the ability to regenerate peoples shields would fit nicely with that role... IMO.

Just a thought.
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Joined: 12/21/2004 21:36:56
Messages: 417

just pondering some ideas out of my goofy brain..

1. is it possible to have them make mini turrets in regular invasion games. like little turrets? more of a distraction then a creature killer .

2.maybe give them a ultimine abilitie . little mines of ultima blasts.dont go off till theyre stepped on .but wham..ultima. <reason for ultima is its not as deadly as a deemer or ion .and it radius kills..

3. pet healer artifact .mini healers give u 10 points of life every 20 seconds untill the creature is dead<nali bunny or cow.>kinda like a booster combo but not lol

4.able to build mini forts. one man sniper points ,last as long as your adrenalin. dunno how its done but its a snazzy idea lol ..

5.abilitie to clone 2 weapons of any kind except vorpal 8-10. not a maxer just a cloner.like normal weapon toss .but once the engineer gets the weapon .he hits clone and a diffrent weapon of the same effects will be made.. example ."hey man clone my vamp flak ... <throws flak to engineer.. engineer has clonedvamp flak to make. minigun vamp something like that..

6 lightning orb floating orb stays in one spot zapping lightning around the area.for 1 minute or duration of adrenalin. <shrugs

just bored .i have a tona of ideas .if intrested in hearing lemme know hehe rock on coders...


Joined: 03/04/2006 13:40:23
Messages: 350

1. The distraction idea actually sounds really cool. Like some sort of supersonic whistle (like the ones dogs hear) that drives them nuts for a few seconds. Combine that with a globe of invulnerability for a few seconds and the monsters are easy bait for everyone else. Would bring in the trait of potential self-sacrifice for the team .

2. I'm reminded of spider mines from Starcraft (merely the splash damage part). I wouldn't suggest that, personally. Stationary mines tend to not work exceptionally well in games like this. Also, a single Titan step should, practically, cause every one to explode.

3. Huh... very interesting... reminds me of necromancy. But I don't think it would be implemented.

4. Buildings will be included, I believe.

5. First impression: Cool. However, how do you mean cloning? As in, take a weapon, make another exactly like it? If that is the case, simplicity calls for automatically tossing the cloned weapon (doubles of inventories don't go exceptionally well in scripting). However, I think what you mean is cloning the magic itself onto another weapon, which sounds extremely cool. Unfortunately, it is limited by magical incompatibilities (say, vorpal with any projectile weapon), and it would be really cheesy to say "We're sorry, the number you dialed is--" Er, I mean, "You cannot confer that magic upon that weapon.". Yeah... Cheesy, and very non-Magical. You could at least have the weapon explode or something.

6. Lightning Rod has essentially the same effect.

Joined: 12/01/2006 05:01:45
Messages: 2

the only thang with alot of that stuff is that if u had all that stuff it well be unfair to the other classes u know u got to balnce it out like this

Joined: 01/02/2007 05:58:09
Messages: 8

KohanX wrote:

TIMMY wrote:
Anyhoo, I like the idea of a vehicle-spawner class......i just drool at the idea of being able to make a more powerful version of my manta and being able to use it in regular inv :drools: 

Holy CRAP! Ideazorz! Vehicle Spawning + Sentinel-Style Upgrading = omgploxxorz uberness! Imagine being able to increase the structural capacity of a Manta, or upgrade the web launcher of the Scorpion to a Rocket Launcher or some such! Ahh! Ideas flow! 

Or turning the web into an actual web. As in a hexagonal web structure. ME LIKEY!


Joined: 03/04/2006 13:40:23
Messages: 350

...That works too! Or what else is if the lines connecting the vertices acted as a sort of tripwire-shock thing, so that it would be more effective against infantry, and not just an anti-Manta (as awesome and effective as that is; if you're in a Manta and a web smacks you, get out). It'd be even cooler with your hex mod. There could also be a mod that instead of just expanding the size of the web, it also increases the number of energy vertices, so that charging the blast would be more popular. I think an onionskin trail effect on the vertices would look cool as well, if only for aesthetics. See what I mean with the awesome ideas?!
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