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can u run my map on the server?  XML
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Joined: 12/02/2005 21:23:33
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a small map i made for DM

figured since its big, it might be good for invasion.

 Filename DM-HostileTerritory.ut2 [Disk] Download
 Filesize 593 Kbytes
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You might want to work on it a bit more. I think it's a good idea that if you're serious about mapping, thta you should make 4 or 5 maps first, but don't release them. Just make them as practice. Also, join forum(s) (The Official forums for UT mapping are at Atari.com, but there are also others) And ask questions and get feedback. And this might be a little unfair, but most maps released for this game are looked upon compared to other maps. I think you just need to practice a little bit more.

And a big open space is not good for invasion. A map can be big,med, or small, and should have a bunch of small rooms, because it's a lot easier to optimize. If there's one big room, you can't optimize it, so you'll see every player in the game and EVERY monster on the map, even though you can't necessarily see it from the regular view. In the game, go to the console and type "rmode 1" to go into wireframe, and you'll see what I mean. This leads to low fps. That's bad

A good forum that I look at frequently is Level Editing, Modeling & Skinning at atari community. Check it out, ask a few questions, and practice. a lot.

fiendskull9 wrote:
a small map i made
figured since its big... 

wait... what?

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Mapraider is a good place to put up your maps for public reveiw as well. We'll take a look at your map though.


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