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Persistent problems with voice chat  XML
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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 01/07/2005 21:28:14
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Got a problem which has been a bit pain in my six the past five or so evenings which I managed to get time to play over the past two weeks. It seems that try as I might, I cannot get my voice chat to work so that anyone can hear me. No changes on my end to cause it to fail, but regardless of which channel I use, nobody hears me, even though the audio level bar shows that I am talking and the UT2K4 client is seeing the audio. It is kinda like the problem we have seen at times where somebody will connect and have this problem, but for me, it has been persistent.

Tonight, I also did some testing, and confirmed that my mike is working fine (I unmuted output from the mike and heard myself, and the audio recorder got it as well). But just in case, I also kicked in the mike boost which has been off for ages. No luck...folks still cannot hear me.

Anyone have any ideas???

(Now, if I can just get the extra mice buttons and ctrl/shift to work under Fedora Core 3, as well as see my crosshairs, I might just ditch XP for playing!)

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Joined: 08/19/2005 09:36:58
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From what you're describing it sounds like the problem is with your UT configuration since you've confirmed the mic works.

Just to be methodical, I would recommend booting your system and recording something with Windows Sound Recorder to confirm at that time that everything is working. Then go into UT and try it. Most likely this will fail, of course. Try adjusting voice chat settings and test again. Try adjusting your audio driver type from software to hardware and test again. Change the key to activate the mic - maybe it's in some funky contention with something else. If you have another game that uses a mic, test there. If it doesn't work in the other game, either, maybe you have some wierd problem with Directx or your default sound device in windows needs to be changed. If it works in the other game, I think the problem is isolated to UT. If you can't resolve it in the config, backup up your important dirs (skins, maps, etc.) and reinstall UT.

On my system, I had a similar problem because my sound card has this automatic jack sensing feature. Without realizing it I plugged my mic in my Line In jack instead of my Mic jack. The autojack sensing actually allowed the mic to work (albeit crappy) in windows but not UT. I just mention it because sound cards come crammed with so many stupid utilities that tend to mess things up.


Wicked Sick!

Joined: 02/08/2005 20:26:37
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Mine has been acting a bit strange also. Sometimes I can not hear only one person, I think because I came in when they were talking, but lately I can hear everyone but nobody can hear me.

Well after dukin' it out with my PC, I came up with the following workaround. Figure out which key you have bound to TOGGLE PUBLIC CHANNEL and push it one time and give out a "Breaker - Breaker One Nine". This did the trick for me.

How this toggle mechanism is working this way is a mystery. If you have unbound that toggle.....rebind it and give it a shot. I'd like to know if this works abroad or just for me.

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Wicked Sick!

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