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I want more monsters in ons maps.  XML
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Killing Spree

Joined: 06/10/2005 13:23:43
Messages: 39

I want more monsters in ons maps.
I think people wouldnt get so pissy and vote to get to the next map.
Panalesh is a beutiful map someone put alot of time and hard work, but its not appreciated enough, I get in a cool map and want to explore.

And dru where is that source u said I could get?

Killing Spree

Joined: 06/16/2005 14:34:48
Messages: 31

yeah, some more monsters would be of good benefit in onslaught...especially earlier on. what i think should be stricken away from onslaught are the little skaarj babies and those yellowish winged things that wind up taking forever to find as they fly about slowly

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 20:59:52
Messages: 562

Onslaught maps are tough to accomodate in a server that also runs DM.

The problem is once you add enough monsters to fill an ONS map to the desired level, you either have too many when you vote a DM map, or you might even overwork the CPU or flood the bandwidth with extra monster data to send everyone.

So far no one has made a monster mutator that has different settings based on what type of map is being played.

Killing Spree

Joined: 02/14/2005 23:00:05
Messages: 58

+ can't imagine that wouldn't cause a bit of lag.... desirable as it might be.

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
Messages: 1946

The monster list that's supposed to run during VINV is tuned specifically to Torlan. I figured torlan was big, without being too big, or too small.

It would be nice if the AI would come by and pick up monsters that had no player in sight and move them closer. Which is to say, you code it. I'll put it in

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