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Bots Team killing w/ redeamer  XML
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Joined: 06/29/2010 22:35:04
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Bots Team killing

Around 9:30am AZ time on 15 Sept, an Adren master bot by the name Wyrm managed to kill GLR-eng and Bait-Bucket in a high lvl wave. The bot was in the base and were believed to use redeemers on the map. It is unclear if the players died in a redeemer blast or an ultima blast. Since no other players joined at the time my best guess would be a redeemer blast.

While this is not a common occurrence with bots, it is an annoyance all the same and fatal in later waves.

Can or have any of the following suggestions become implemented to minimize this type of event?
• Not allow bots to pick up super weapons found on the map
• Not allow bots to gain super weapons from loaded weapons skill (restrict max lvl)
• Not allow bots to equip or fire super weapons
• Force bots to drop super weapons if acquired
• Set redeemer to lowest priority of all weapons (not sure if this will help or not)
• Set damage to zero if used by a bot
• Set damage to zero if shooter (player or bot) is in the blast radius
• Set an arming distance on redeemer (any contact before set distance from shooter results in “denied” message and wasted shot)
• Set redeemer to deal zero damage to shooter
• Some of the above concepts can also be applied to Ultima blasts as well

I understand some of the suggestions are directly related to the UT code and are thus outside of scope of the server to make changes. However I wanted to cast a wide net of suggestions and let the admin work their magic.

Admin, thank you for your consideration on this topic.

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Bad bot, slap, slap, bad bot.

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The bots destroy with ultima my sents and turrets and sometimes even kill me.

They also do it with the superweps in the game, translocator and grenade launcher.

Personally, I'd like ultima removed from the server, because it is of no real value, because of the monster mover mutator on the server when someone is killed the monsters generally get teleported away before the ultima goes off... making it mute.

I'd also like the mutator to replace superweps with MP5's (benalli mutator I believe).

Finally, I'd like the bots to be set to a specific class, such as adren master so they cannot get superweps or summon anything that would result in a teamkill.

I understand why the bots are on the server to begin with (to up the monster count when less than 4 players are on), but they are a real nuisance at times rather than a help.
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