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Flogging Molly Concert Review  XML
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Wicked Sick!
Joined: 03/08/2005 10:31:39
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Heyo everbody!

Well, yesterday evening, I got to experience my favorite band live, for the second time. Flogging Molly. For any who don't know this band, do yourself a favor and go listen to them. As for a genre...umm...Irish/Rock/Folk/Punk/Pub/Soul/Awesome....? That bout covers it I think... Dave King, the lead singer/acoustic guitarist is full Irish, Nate plays the bass, Bridget plays the violin/tin whistle, Bob plays the mandolin and banjo, Matt Hensley (pro skater...) plays the accordion, Dennis plays the lead guitar, and George plays the drums. And they all do backup vocals. Anyway, they are incredible studio and infinitely more so live! Without question the greatest live show I've EVER been to. So, heres a little breakdown. Bear with me...

We were looking down the barrel of a weather report that called for 60% chance of rain and an evening high of 52 degrees. But, we were determined and the venue told us they'd be playing rain or shine so, that was that. PyRo and I went up early to meet the band and get stuff signed at a local CD shop. I got my violin signed, PyRo got a poster. At that point we were a tad concerned as the band just looked dead tired. Mind you, this was the first stop on their tour so I dunno if they just weren't in their groove yet or what. But, the Guinness was passed around and their spirits seemed to rise a bit!

So, once that was done, we wandered back up to the University grounds (outdoor show at U of U) and met up with Senor_Taco. Once inside we rushed the stage and got front row, center! Needless to say, we were stoked! The opening band was called Zox. They rock! Very talented rockish group splashed with an electric violin. We had seen them open for Rusted Root earlier this year so that was just an added bonus that they'd play this show too! PyRo had made a poster for the Flogging show and we quickly made a second poster out of the back of it for Zox, requesting PyRo's favorite song. Anyway, the cranked for a few songs and then the lead singer points at PyRo and shouts, 'And our next song goes out to the lovely lady here in the front! Spades!' They played it and the rest of the set! Definitly an awesome start to the show! Oh, and as they were cleaning up, PyRo yells up to the singer asking for a guitar pick, which he carried off the stage and out to her! Then she shouted to the violinist for a drumstick and he tossed it out towards us but someone else snagged it and bartered for the guitar pick.

Next was Bedouin Soundclash. This trio is a funky kind white reggae sounding groove band. Very mellow but full of awesome! They played 5 or 6 songs and wrapped it up with a cover of U2's New Years Day. Good schtuff!

And then...the real show began! =D> WAHOOOO!!!!! By that time a very large crowd was squeezing its way forward so I had my arms around PyRo, trying to keep a grip on the bar and at the same time, keep her from getting smooshed. It was getting crazy and F.M. hadn't even gotten on the stage yet! Senor_Taco was in the same position as he had let a shorter girl get in front of him and she told him to grab the bar too. Soooo, while we were getting squeezed by a billion pounds of sweaty manflesh, and joining in the chorus of 'OoohhLay olay olay olaaaaaaay', the band walked on stage. If it was crazy before they showed, it was total insanity after. Fortunately the swaying turned to jumping, which allowed for some air. Without introduction, they slammed into 'Screaming at the Wailing Wall' and then rocked the place to the ground. Dave was his usual self, making a joke outta pretty much anything, telling stories, etc... About halfway through the show, they acknowledged PyRo's poster which read 'Dave, Marry Bridget'. He laughs, says 'She'd have to be &*@#ing crazy! She could do waaay better than me!' Bridget just laughed, stabbed at PyRo with her bow and gave her a dirty look.

A couple highlights from the show, if you know Flogging songs at all, they did 'Queen Anne's Revenge', where Nate takes over on lead vocals. The studio version of this song, while I love it, didn't feel like the same caliber as the rest of their stuff. But when they did it live, wow, much MUCH better! His pirate voice really comes out when distorted by the huge speakers! Also, they sang 'Factory Girls'! And Bridget did supporting vocals! (note to non FM'ers, usually the female vocals for this song are done by a guest vocalist). I think it was her first time doing it live, she seemed a bit nervous, but did awesome on it! She's got a beautiful voice!

Aaanyway, they continued thru the set, and we continued bouncing around, sweating, getting squished. I had let go of the bar by then and hand been squeezed back about 3 or 4 rows. A few small people had been pulled out of the squish by security. At one point while singing along, the guy in front of me tilted his head back to yell and put his sweat covered noggin right in my mouth! GAKKK!! THAT was nasty! Still haven't quite recovered... They then played 'Within a Mile of Home', which is my favorite song live and arguably my favorite overall of theirs. Very very passionate tune. And they wrapped up the show with 'Whats Left of the Flag', which is a song about freedom and the N. Ireland war. Part of the chorus says '...and raise what's left of the flag for me' at which point a group of fans a couple feet over from me spread out a big irish flag above their heads. Was pretty cool!

They walked off the stage with the crowd still screaming, and then, bout a minute later, walked back on amid shouts of 'one more song' and played a DOUBLE ENCORE! oooooh yesh! Started it with 'If I Ever Leave This World Alive' which he dedicated to the audience as a song of friendship, and then they blew the place apart with 'Seven Deadly Sins' as the closing song!

It was awesome!! We finally all found each other (apparently Senor_Taco had been pushed clear to the outside edge and then fought his way back to where we were!) and walked our 3 sweat-soaked selves to some open air. Along the way we ran into the drummer for Zox and had him sign the drumstick we had gotten from him! After a bit, we headed to the car and as I was putting stuff it the trunk, the sky exploded with a huge hail/lightning storm! It hadn't rained a drop all night but the minute the show was over, kaBOOM! Perfect timing!

Well, if you've made it this far, I congratulate you! Either you're really really bored, or should be going to buy Flogging Molly's CD(s)! Anyway, below is a picture of my violin, and the set list that Bridget made sure was given to PyRo!



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Killing Spree

Joined: 05/26/2006 17:06:36
Messages: 106

Saw them in minneapolis a while back. Good show. Not my cup of tea genre wise, but good show none the less, as long as you ignored all the swearing PUNK kids.

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
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Woah! The red violin!

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Killing Spree

Joined: 05/26/2006 17:06:36
Messages: 106

Just read about the bar bit.

I know exactly how that feels. The secret is to get next to the big security gaurd and follow him right up front. No one tries to push you out of the way then either.

Wicked Sick!

Joined: 01/05/2005 07:50:20
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LOL Dru! One of my favorite movies

My oldest son introduced me to some FM's songs he had downloaded from iTunes - very good.

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Wicked Sick!
Joined: 02/28/2005 11:20:42
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So wombant left some stuff out lol! when we got to the drummer for Zox (the only one we hadnt met yet) we asked him to sign the drum stick we got from the violinist. to which he replied 'hey..thats my stick... ' i dont think the violinist told the drummer he stole his stick for me! but he was cool about it and signed it and chatted for a sec before handing out more stickers!

Now womabt is totaly right about how FM is TOTALLY awesome live!! I loved it!!! They did say all that wombat told you already but also made frequent gestures to me during the show! at one point Dave told the crowd how happy he was that we all showed up and she pointed her bow string at me and mouthed either 'except you' or 'especialy you' and laughed at me! And after the double encore i was yelling at Dave and he turned around and was pointing at the sign and giving me the thumbs up with a big smile and nodding his head! You can tell he loves her! shes so shy but im sure she feels the same way, hence the sign! Go watch their DVD you will see what i mean!

anyways i had to get the rest of the details in there! it was so awesome!!! I have so many bruises tho... uhg... i was getting so mad at all the people that were crowd surfing and people trying tear me away from the bar. i was all ready to to just... >:/ grr!!

ok so i made this a lil longer then intended so ill say goodbye!! WOOT!!!!

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lucky. Me and my cousin love those guys.

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