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Wicked Sick!

Joined: 12/19/2004 18:32:13
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Mach wrote:
Once a new map starts then that count is reset. 

Oh. It actually would take substantial work not to make it work that way.

Mach wrote:
So I could become a combo master 10 times over one map, but the next map it starts from scratch. 

You actually can. It just requires you to die in the middle. I've got concerns about allowing players to keep stacking on these specific awards without a death in the middle to slow them down.

Mach wrote:
If you use the shock exclusively you could become a combo master 8 or 9 times over so I suppose the XP rewards should not double. Perhaps in increments starting at say 20 or 30 XP? By that I mean when you get double head hunter you get 20XP, not 120 plus the 20XP. Triple head hunter you get 30XP. The XP amounts should probably be scaled to the specific awards, i.e. you get more for double head hunter than you would for double flak monkey. 

Perhaps, but I'm also trying to stick to the format of the original game here. Also, I dont think the game will properly handle more than one of the unique awards in the scoreboard.

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Well, why exactly should awards give you EXP? In relation to my Awards topic, having some other award that makes it easier to get points the old-fashioned way might work well.

Hmm, train of thought I just got (rhyme somewhat intended):

Awards only awarded once per life.
Awards give EXP.
That might make people die just to get more EXP.
So give people other awards, like a new weapon or damage bonus.
That would cause them to think twice about it, because if they die, they'll lose their little bonus.

Killing Spree

Joined: 09/04/2006 16:00:21
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I don't think it would be worthwile to kill yourself so you can get an award again. Getting the various sprees give you adren and XP as well and it is rare to get wicked sick before wave 14.
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