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Joined: 08/12/2006 18:48:25
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I've always thought that the Stone Titans were weaker than the normal Titans.

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various additional info:

There are 2 types of warlords when it comes to health.....there's the orange dot (on ur radar) that can be taken out with a vorpal avril +7 with one shot......while the red ones can be killed with one direct shot with a vorpal avril +10.

Shooting titans using the lightning gun or sniper rifle makes the titans stop shooting the dreaded instagib rocks.........This info is especially useful for beginners since i learned of this one once my weapon master reached level 70 sumthin. (sum1 told me in ctf-tutorialclassic)

Sniper skaarj and skaarj troopers would drop their shield momentarily when shot with a lightning gun(they'll do the "i'm hurt" animation).....the avril+lightning gun combo is really useful on quickly disposing these guys.

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I've got a little bit of advice regarding the creatures I call Brute, I'm not sure whether that's the right name or not for them. They're the groundbased creatures, very fat, that carry two rocket launchers, and fire them rapidly without any sort of homing capabilities. Since if you get hit by their rockets, there's a chance that more than one will hit you since they tend to fire in tight clusters, and I've actually bounced from one to another for around 200 damage, and my death.

If you're the kind of player that doesn't have many points in Damage Reduction, just charge right in towards them (hopefully around their rockets, and not into them) and blast away. They do have a melee attack, but it's nowhere near as bad as their rockets.

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